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The Civil Service Bureauis continually conducting research on the best practice of foreign countries as well as current situation of civil service in Georgia.

This ongoing study of best practice gives us the opportunity to implement some of the world’s leading ideas and tailor them to meet the Georgian civil service’s needs.

Guide Book for Public Servants on E-participation and E-petitioning

Human Resource Management (HRM) Manual for Georgian Governmental Agencies

Human Resource Management (HRM) Manual for Georgian Governmental Agencies II

Overview of Human Resource Management Practice in Civil Service: The United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany and Georgia

Research on Monitoring Mechanisms of Asset Declarations (2013)

Research on the Division of Political and Executive Funictions (2013)

Overview of whistleblowers’ protection practice in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Eastern European Countries (Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia) (2013)

Knowledge Transfer Campaign (2012)

Human Resources Management Information System Standard for public Services (2012)

Draft Training Module for Public Officials on Conflict of Interests and Ethics (2011)

HRM systems in Civil Service of Georgia (2011)

Meeting of HR Managers of Civil Service Agencies (2011)

Amendments to the civil service legislation of Georgia (2004-2012)

Presentation on E-governance Projects of the Civil Service Bureau

Law on Corporations Delawere (2010)

Civil Service Council of Ethics: Review of European Countries Experience (UK, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey) (2013)

Remuneration Systems in Civil Service (Comparative Analysis: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, UK, Georgia) (2013)

Functional Review of the Civil Service Bureau in Georgia

Recruitment Processes for Entry into Georgian Civil Service

Capacity Development and Sustainable Training

Georgia Civil Service Classification Scheme

Legal Entities of Public Law and Civil Service

Manual on Conducting Competition and Attestation in Civil Service (2014)

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