Asset Declarations

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On 1st of February, 2010 we launched the Asset Declaration System, an online submission program developed and administered by the Civil Service Bureau which completely replaced paper-based declarations.

Transition to the Online Asset Declaration System has significantly improved the process and simplified procedures for submitting declarations by senior officials. Senior officials simply log on to the web-site ( and fill out their declarations online using a unique password issued by us. Within 48 hours following the submission of declarations, the information is published online and is available free to anyone wishing to download a copy.

For more information please read the evaluations below from local and international organisations:

Istanbul Anti Corruption Action Plan “Report from the second round of monitoring”– According to the survey conducted by the OSCE in 2010, Georgia has made significant efforts in the fight against corruption. “An important step towards more public scrutiny has been the publication of asset declarations on the Bureau’s website since the end of 2009”(OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan, Report from the Second Round of Monitoring). "Georgia is the first country among the ACN Istanbul Action Plan countries to establish a system that sets an excellent example of relatively simple solutions which can give a significant boost to building the integrity of the public administration and preventing corruption" (Daniel Thelesklaf, Head of Financial Intelligence Unit of Liechtenstein, Team Leader of the 2nd Round of Monitoring in the framework of the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia - ACN).

e-Governance and e-Transparency – “International tendencies and Georgia” – „The Online Asset Declaration System is one more important project directed at the improvement of accountability and transparency quality is implemented in the public management sector. The Civil Service Bureau has now made the declaration of property completed by public officials electronically available” (report on E-transparency in Georgia by IDFI-Institute for Development of Freedom of Information). "The assets and income of top government officials has long been a subject of public interest in Georgia, and public disclosure of such information is a well known tactic to combat corruption. The availability of such information is a key tool for TI Georgia, journalists, and other organisations to promote the accountability of officials in Georgia. The success of the CSB’s online system has, we believe, contributed to the positive trend of other Georgian government agencies choosing to publish information proactively online as well" (Transparency International Georgia, 2012).

IDFI-Institute for Development of Freedom of Information- Project “Public Information Database” The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) with the assistance of the Open Society Foundation-Georgia within the framework of the project “Public Information Database –” awarded the CSB the Best Open Data Public Institution for ensuring the accessibility of public information in 2011. The Bureau successfully obtained the status of the most accountable and transparent organisation for the implementation of its electronic services.