Workshop for HR managers and HR representatives

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Workshop for HR managers and HR representatives has been conducted at the NATO liaison office in Tbilisi. Organized by the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia and supported by the NATO professional development program - PDP the workshop was led by the Lithuanian expert in HR issues. The expert presented the results of survey conducted within the public services of Georgia and revealing the problematic issues civil servants would like to be trained on for the future. The sides discussed the elaborated training schemes for HR and top managers as well as exchanged ideas on further improvements in this area. Participants got acquainted with Human Resources management practices in civil service of Lithuania and other EU member countries. During the meeting attendees took part into the discussion regarding the challenges and the ways to overcome issues in HR management.

At the beginning of the workshop the head of the Civil Service Bureau, Ms. Ekaterine Kardava delivered a speech. She conveyed gratitude to Lithuanian colleagues, who by sharing their experiences are helping CSB in implementing the ongoing civil service reform. According to Ekaterine Kardava, close cooperation with the HR managers, as well as training them, are crucial in the process of effectively implementing abovementioned reform. The head of SCB highlighted the importance of the newly implemented Performance Appraisal System as well and underlined that only proper assessment of civil servant can determine write way of training. Appraisal System is the instrument that helps specialists transforming into true professionals – said Ekaterine Kardava.

“Success of our Bureau depends on close cooperation with you. This reform belongs to each of you. I would like to remind to all of you that each servant is the implementer of new law, and it would be impossible without a good appraisal” - stated Ekaterine Kardava.

It worth mentioning that this is a second workshop of its kind this year. The Lithuanian specialist first met Georgian HR managers in May 30-31. The workshops take place within the framework of the ongoing EU-funded Twinning project in support of the implementation of the civil service reform in Georgia.